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    2570 OakStone Drive, Suite #1 , Columbus, Ohio 43231

Lean On Me Support Services LLC

Lean On Me Support Services LLC, an initiative that took root in 2017, has grown into a thriving institution by mid-2023, aimed at transforming lives on a personal level. We are a provider of developmental disability care in Columbus, Ohio, with an approach that transcends age boundaries, providing supportive services to individuals from all walks of life. We place special emphasis on aiding individuals with intellectual disabilities, motivated by our steadfast belief in the sacred and equal value of every life. We want them to live fulfilled lives through the power of love.

A portrait of adult girl outside at sunset having fun on a park

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Lean On Me Support Services LLC is to create a nurturing and empowering environment for individuals grappling with intellectual disabilities. Through the provision of compassionate, thoughtful services, we aim to spark the process of self-discovery and personal growth. Our unwavering commitment is to kindle hope, foster resilience, and reinforce the intrinsic dignity of every life we have the privilege to touch.

Affectionate young women talking to elderly women in a wheelchair in the garden

Shaping Futures, Spreading Hope Our Vision Statement

Lean On Me Support Services LLC envisions a world where every individual with intellectual disabilities can lead a fulfilling life. Driven by love, kindness, and our dedicated services, we aspire to construct an ecosystem abundant with opportunities. Our ultimate dream is to see every individual with intellectual disabilities flourish, their potential maximized, and their dreams realized, ultimately contributing to an inclusive, empathetic world.