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    2570 OakStone Drive, Suite #1 , Columbus, Ohio 43231
Meet the person behind Lean On Me Support Services LLC

Ernest F. Arkorful, the CEO, has been working in the field of people with intellectual disabilities for over two decades serving individuals with intellectual disabilities. He has served in various roles as a caregiver, residential coordinator, residential manager, and director of residential services, with responsibilities for other caregivers and residential managers. He formed Lean On Me Services with the desire to pass on the best practices and unapparelled standards in loving kindness in the provision of services for individuals with disabilities.

Ernest F. Arkorful, CEO of Lean On Me Support Services, has the proven record of years of selfless devotion to caring for individuals with developmental disabilities. The DNA of this company is based on this devotion. At Lean On Me Support Services, our individuals are the center of our world, improving the quality of life one individual at a time.

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